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JS Snippet: isNumeric()

@kriskorsmo just tweeted this:

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jQuery is Making Me Smile

MAJOR progress on my spreadsheet project today. I wired up about 2/3 of the totaling propagation with jQuery and left the rest with cfInput binding to the ORM cfc.  It’s a good mix.  I could have done it 100% in … Continue reading

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No More UI Tags

I SWEAR! NO MORE! I’m swearing off the use of ColdFusion UI tags (in all new,  non-trivial applications). The recent fight with cfgrid has convinced me.  Those tags may be fine if you can accept EVERYTHING straight out of the … Continue reading

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Binding in CF

Binding controls to datasources in CFML is pretty cool.  When I think back to how I handled enabling/disabling controls back in Visual RPG, this is a piece of cake. Here’s an example: So, whenever anything changes the isNew radio button … Continue reading

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Cheeks Stuffed. Cannot Chew.

One of the projects I’m currently working on is a web replacement for a spreadsheet that someone has to manually fill out daily. I chose to use the combination of cfgrid and ORM, mainly because I wanted to learn about … Continue reading

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Bug Tracking

  I use CFEclipse for most of my CFML work, and I’ve gotten Subversion working nicely with it. One thing I miss from Team Foundation Server is bug/issue tracking.  This is going to mean some comparison shopping. CFEclipse supports Mylin, … Continue reading

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Got a chance to see what knockout.js is all about on a CodeSchool intro video. Looks freaking awesome, frankly. In college, occasionally some professor would spend 45 minutes solving something the HARD way on the board, then tell you, “by … Continue reading

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