Bug Tracking



I use CFEclipse for most of my CFML work, and I’ve gotten Subversion working nicely with it.

One thing I miss from Team Foundation Server is bug/issue tracking. 

This is going to mean some comparison shopping.

CFEclipse supports Mylin, which can integrate directly with git and bugzilla and some other bug trackers.

I just took a glance at bugzilla.  It prefers Apache Web Server and MySQL, but it’s possible to make it work with IIS and SQL Server.  (Warning Bells a’Ringing) It seems like overkill, since a big part of it is the public-facing bug reporting service.  That will be needed down the road for Production, but right now I need a quick-and-dirty way to track my bugs/issues internally.

Will check around on the CF blogs to get an idea what people use.  I looked in CF411, and there’s a big list of possibilities.



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