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Went through the first few sections of the ColdFusion Koans today. I’m happy to say that the format of the asserts is identical to what I used for TDD in .Net.  Must be somewhat standardized. Getting MXUnit set up and … Continue reading

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git DOWN

Wheee!  Look at the 5-legged octo-cat!  Penta-cat?  Penta-pus? I’m installing and learning github for Windows today. Been wanting to contribute to open source for ages.  Can’t do much of that without knowing git. Only missing ingredient now is TIME!   >8-( … Continue reading

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R&R = Retreat and Rethink

Is it possible for a person to be too patient for their own good? It appears that I am.  Or I’m way too stubborn. Regardless, there are times when I have my nose so close to the grindstone that I … Continue reading

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Hand Me Another Metaphor, Would You

Total pain in my side. This whole mess with cfgrid is really annoying me. I needed a data grid that was a little LESS than the stock cfgrid.  Logic says that if you need a LITTLE LESS, you start with … Continue reading

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My First Angular App.

Started my first production app to use Angular. It’s a pesky little app that just needs simple CRUD.  Perfect specimen. I used John Whish’s slides from SOTR13 as example code, and some of Ben Nadel’s Angular blog posts, but he’s … Continue reading

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CFML Tribal Knowledge

On a programming podcast the other day, someone mentioned how well the python “tribal knowledge” is organized and maintained, and how accessible it is. Since I became a CFML developer only a year ago and at a fast pace, many … Continue reading

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Old Days Photos – 8″ Floppy Drive

= Boat Anchor 8-inch floppy drive somebody gave me. This thing is a TANK. It’s not worth anything on eBay, so I’m going to build a PC into the case someday. You can STAND on this puppy.  Thick sheet metal … Continue reading

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