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Put it on Paper First

When I first wrote software, I didn’t get to use an editor. You didn’t write software on a screen with a keyboard, you wrote it with pencil on graph paper. This meant that you had to “play computer” to check … Continue reading

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The Real Programmer

  There are two ways to become a programmer, through formal education or through self training. I once worked at a company that considered itself “top-heavy”, meaning a large percentage of the company held masters or PhD’s.  This isn’t a … Continue reading

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Crashing by the Seat of Your Pants

In several situations in my development career, I’ve been faced with creating something huge from nothing with only a basic understanding of the given programming language. When I look back now, half the problem was my agreeing I could do … Continue reading

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CFHour is Dead. Long Live CFHour! (April Fools)

(Ok, I fell for their April Fool’s joke hook, line and sinker.  Was going to delete this post, but what the heck.) Noooo! Episode #213 of the CFHour podcast was a doosie.  Out of nowhere, we listeners were hit with … Continue reading

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