Those Who Wait

Everything comes to those who wait, right?

I’m pretty good at waiting. You might even say I’m too patient for my own good.

I finally have the job that fits me perfectly. It took thirteen months- this time. Last time I waited 16 months for a job that didn’t appreciate me and eventually tossed me aside.

In the middle of that job, which consisted of replacing ColdFusion apps with .Net, I realized that I much preferred the existing ColdFusion code. I became a convert and started developing greenfield ColdFusion apps, utilizing new frontend technologies.

The writing was on the wall though. The company did not want or need a ColdFusion developer. At the same time, I was daily becoming MORE of a ColdFusion developer, reading blogs and following Tweets.

To me, to be a “real” CFML developer, one must be hired for their CFML skills. This was my goal, to some day be hired to work in ColdFusion.

The dream has come true. Today I accepted an offer with an East Coast company as Web Application Developer, working remote. Not only that, but I’ll be working with some big names in ColdFusion.

I’m still pretty tickled that THEY found me on LinkedIn, and somehow I’d missed finding them in my daily job search.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. But you have to be patient and LET him.


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