Another Crossroads

Alas, he am I at another crossroads.

Looking for work in a new town, and it isn’t going well.  I’m trying to make the most of my technical experience, but that’s really hard when it’s “messy”.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, because I’ve done it before.  There really are hiring managers out there who are smart enough to see through the awkward work history to the applicant’s real value and potential.  I just have to look harder to find those people.

It’s necessary to have a thick skin to do real job hunting, even before the first application is submitted.  For starters, there is a supposed “shortage” of software developers, yet there are thousands of unemployed developers who can’t get hired because their resumes don’t “smell” good.

I believe in my abilities and I know my value.  It’s a pity there’s no way to communicate that to someone who doesn’t know me from Adam.  Probably better pump some of my time into the github repo.


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