About Blippoids

What is a Blippoids, you ask?  My brother used to call me “Blips”, which was short for “Bleeper” which came from a word I can’t say.  The username “BLIPS” was taken at Yahoo, so I just lengthened it to Blippoids.

My first programming was done on my school’s TI-59 programmable calculator in 1978.  It had a printer and stored programs on little magnetic strips that you slid through a slot.  Later I bought an Atari 800 that you plugged into the TV and wrote/read programs on audio cassettes.  I still have it.  It doesn’t work.

I started developing software professionally in 1986.  I never got caught either, and eventually I convinced my employer to put software into my job description.  I’ve programmed in C, C++, C#, perl, Python, VB.Net, Visual RPG, FORTH (fun!), DCL (DEC Control Language on VAX), Unix shell (awk/sed/grep), Java and of course MS-DOS (ouch).

I have a BSEE degree.  I’m only saying that because I went through a lot of pain to get it.

My engineering curriculum included ONE software class, which was Fortran 77.  We handed in our assignments on punch cards, after waiting in line to use the card punch machine.  We had to check back for our printout a day or two later, so there was no time for debugging.  Good thing all we did was draw square shapes with asterisks.

Hey, I warned you about the Old Man stories.

To ease your thoughts, “ColdBroccoli” has no meaning whatsoever.


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