Boot Camp – Learn Yourself Some OSS Skilz


general learning resources


Open-source developers of all ilks are mostly using github these days to handle the centralization, versioning and distribution of their projects.

There are two aspects of github– the original command-line git and the web github GUI interface.  github is handy and convenient, but the first time things get hairy, the only way to fix it is through the command line.  I often hear it recommended that you learn the important concepts with git on the command line, then use the GUI as you develop to be efficient.

Learning Resources for git


Chuck Duppong recommends: Ray Camden’s NCDevCon2013 presentation Practical HTML5

CFML Frameworks

There are a number of “frameworks” that have been developed that help CFML web developers organize the files that comprise their web app.  It’s important to know that these frameworks implement design patterns such as MVC.

Framework One, “FW/1”, is a lightweight convention-over-configuration MVC framework

ColdBox is a convention-over-configuration MVC framework intended for building enterprise applications


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