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For beginners, here’s an audio podcast on github to introduce you to the concepts without getting too technical-  Episode 40   Audio

Get your toes wet with git’s hands-on guided, interactive command-line tutorial Web Interactive  {this even walks you through setting up your own personal page on github}

For Advanced Beginners–

Best reference go-to is always git’s own excellent help- Web

Chuck Duppong recommends Pluralsight’s course, git Fundamentals Screencast Easy-Intermediate {Requires trial or paid membership}

David Boyer recommends Atlassian’s Git Tutorials and Workflows {lots of good visuals} Web

Recommended by justin.w.carter- LearnGitBranching {very good, interactive, guided, visual way to learn about branching} Web Interactive

From Sean Corfield: “This is also worth reading (for managing bug fixes, stable releases, and ongoing development)” – a successful git branching model  Web

Other Resources:

From Charlie Arehart: list of CFML repositories on github

justin.w.carter and David Boyer recommend the SourceTree client {free / Windows 7+ and Mac / alternative to github web GUI client}

justin.w.carter recommends this cheat sheet 

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